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Skin cancer

skin cancer is a major health problem. Its incidence increases annually, affecting people of all ages and increasing especially in young adults.

If we add up all skin cancers, their number is higher than all the others human cancers together. This explains the interest in prevention, diagnosis and early treatment campaigns.



Skin diseases

Our staff detect and analize skin lesions to establish diagnosis and treatment. This image shows an asymptomatic pink lesion that has grown in recent months on the heel of a 34-year-old patient. The lesion is detected in a digital follow-up.



Diagnostic techniques

The new diagnostic systems make it possible to obtain total body maps, locate the lesions and electronically archive the images of the lesions with digital epiluminescence microscopy. This makes it possible to perform very precise serious controls of the patient and to detect minimal changes suggestive of malignancy even when there are a large number of lesions.




Skin rejuvenation

Our team in dermaesthetics specializes in obtaining the best results in skin rejuvenation.

In several scheduled sessions you will see the improvement of each treatment applied and specific to your skin.



Skin treatments

We are a medical center specializing in the early detection and treatment of skin diseases at all stages, from babies to any age.

Can request an examination and diagnosis with our specialists requesting an appointment


Dermatological care

The sun and other factors cause changes in our skin during our lifetime. Detecting any signs that may affect it in time is important to protect and prevent future skin diseases.

With the advanced equipment available, we detect the condition of each patient's skin to anticipate future changes and treatment with the various technologies available in our center.


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